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The Privitera Law Firm LLC, a full-service litigation boutique firm, specializing and dedicated to the representation of victims of personal injury and wrongful death.

Founded by one of Philadelphia’s most respected and accomplished attorneys, Dino Privitera’s philosophy is plain and simple: clients and their families come first and foremost. Your case is as important to him as it is to you. Mr. Privitera understands perfectly well how a serious injury can have devastating consequences and turn your life upside down. Unlike many other law firms, Mr. Privitera is very selective and chooses to handle a limited number of cases at a given time in order to provide each of his clients’ cases with first-class service and personalized attention. Mr. Privitera commits himself to provide unparalleled client service at every stage of the process. Clients deserve nothing less. Mr. Privitera will keep you informed about all developments in your case, respond promptly to all your questions, listen attentively to all of your concerns, treat you with respect and dignity, advocate your cause with a strong voice and strive to achieve the best possible result.

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    The Right Choice

    Often, the decision you make to retain the “right” attorney may be the difference-maker in your case.

    In this modern age of technology, the internet provides easy access to a wealth of information about the backgrounds, qualifications, and experiences of hundreds, if not thousands of attorneys. But the internet should be a starting, not an ending point, for your search. Even a qualified, experienced and talented attorney may not be the right fit for you or for your case.

    Before you hire an attorney, there is nothing more important than a face-to-face meeting. It is important for you to “size-up” your attorney, to feel comfortable with your attorney, to know that you will be able to openly and freely communicate with your attorney, to know that your attorney feels empathy and compassion for your suffering and to feel comforted and confident that you have retained a zealous advocate who will fight aggressively to vindicate your rights.

    Some things to consider in deciding if you are making the right choice:

    Trial and Courtroom Experience

    The vast majority of personal injury cases that get filed in court never go to trial. Most settle before the case gets before a jury. This is not necessarily a bad thing. A settlement brings closure, finality, and certainty to an unpredictable process, and sometimes spares grieving family members the horror of having to recount and relive a tragedy or loss of a loved one on the witness stand before a jury comprised of total strangers.

    But what if you had to go to trial before a jury? Then, one thing is for certain, you not only want but absolutely must have, an experienced trial lawyer standing by your side. You need someone who knows his or her way around a courtroom. You need to know how many jury or bench trials your attorney has tried to verdict. You need to know how often your attorney appears in court and spends time in front of judges and juries. You need to know that your attorney is trial capable. Because in a courtroom, there is no substitute for an experienced trial lawyer.

    Mr. Privitera is a highly respected trial lawyer. When you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident, you want an attorney who is, not only experienced in handling your kind of case but also who is experienced in a courtroom in front of juries. Mr. Privitera is at ease and comfortable in a courtroom setting. He has excelled in the courtroom. He has handled many significant high-profile cases and has distinguished himself as a difference-maker in front of juries.

    Breadth of Experience

    Mr. Privitera has extensive experience handling a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases. With decades of legal training and experience in complex personal injury cases, Mr. Privitera is uniquely qualified to represent victims who have been seriously injured in accidents. When it comes to versatility, toughness, hard work, innovative problem-solving and sheer knowledge and skill, Mr. Privitera is an attorney who truly stands apart from the rest of the crowd. His extensive experience and expertise and willingness to try cases to juries, separates him from the legal pack and makes him a go-to lawyer for personal injury victims.

    Peer Recognition

    What do other attorneys and former clients say about your skills, ethics, and performance? It matters! For the past 26 years, Mr. Privitera has earned a reputation for legal excellence and has been recognized by his peers and colleagues throughout the legal community for his skill and expertise, work ethic, integrity, preparation and dedication to clients in personal injury matters. If you’ve been seriously injured, you want an attorney that has earned the respect of the legal community, someone who has a reputation for handling significant cases and a proven track record of outstanding results. According to his own peers, Mr. Privitera is among the best attorneys in Pennsylvania.

    Client Services

    Mr. Privitera believes that the attorney-client relationship is a sacred relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and communication. Rest assured; Mr. Privitera will deliver personalized attention to each client. He is the kind of attorney that will maintain an open and comfortable line of communication, listen to you, explain things to you, keep you posted about developments in your case, put you first, respect your ideas and input and always consult with you before making any important decisions about your case.


    Mr. Privitera knows that results do matter to clients. While no attorney can ever guarantee a specific result in a case, Mr. Privitera has learned over the years that good results often are the product of experience, skill, hard work, dedication, and preparation. In his career, Mr. Privitera has amassed an impressive track record of successful results recovering millions of dollars in compensation for his personal injury clients.


    What People Say

    As a journalist and media consultant, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Dino . . . . He’s a brilliant lawyer and kindred spirit who played a critical role with editorial feedback that helped us fine-tune the factual, 20-20 style doc expose we produced to humanize the victim and the damages . . . . A rare combination, he draws on years working every side of the courtroom, from prosecutor to a career helping underdogs fight back.

    Art Harris

    If the law were Major League Baseball, Dino would be a five-tool lawyer. He excels at all aspects of the game. He is a first-rate trial attorney, who connects immediately with both judges and juries alike. He is a top-notch oral advocate, whether in presenting a closing argument or in arguing before an appellate court that his large monetary judgment should stand. He is an excellent legal writer, trained as a law review managing editor and seasoned at Morgan Lewis. He is compassionate, thoughtful, and highly responsive to his clients’ situation and needs. And he is as tenacious and tough an advocate as can be found.

    Andy Klein, Esq.

    Dino was the type of Prosecutor that younger DA’s would watch with awe. His courtroom presence, and ability to put together a cogent outstanding argument was legendary. He is still spoken of in the office years later, due to his wit and uncanny ability to present an argument in such a way that left a lasting impression on you.

    Leon Goodman, Esq.

    Dino and I have been both adversaries and compatriots on both the prosecution and defense of criminal and civil cases. Dino is a consummate trial lawyer – well prepared, well versed, and tenacious. While an Assistant District Attorney, his efforts on behalf of victims of crime and the communities he served were unsurpassed. Now as a plaintiff’s lawyer, his compassion for the injured is matched only by his preparedness at trial. He is highly recommended.

    Scott F. Griffith, Esq.

    I had the privilege to work with Dino in the District Attorney’s Office. Dino was a ferocious litigator, a skilled negotiator, and an excellent writer. Moreover, Dino tirelessly searched for the truth when investigating and prosecuting matters and had a keen sense of justice and fairness when dealing with persons accused of violating the laws of the Commonwealth. Dino was an asset to not only the office, but to the citizenry of Philadelphia.

    Norv P. McAndrew, Esq.

    I worked with Dino as an Assistant District Attorney and can attest to his skills as a litigator. He was always professional and prepared, and a wonderful advocate for the citizens of Philadelphia.

    Stephane Latour, Esq.

    Dino is a pit bull. A world class litigator. Juries love him and opposing counsel respect him. I learned a lot from Dino during our time working together and I would enthusiastically recommend him to my close friends and family.

    Richard Bobbe, Esq.

    Dino is as dedicated to his clients as he was to the citizens of the City of Philadelphia, when he served them so well as an Assistant District Attorney for many years. Dino and I have worked together as ADAs and now as civil litigators, and I can truly state that there is no one whose talents and knowledge I respect more. He is the first attorney I would think of when referring any case with serious or catastrophic injuries, because I know that Dino will put his heart, soul, and considerable skills into obtaining true justice for his clients. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

    Peter Greiner, Esq.

    Dino is a dedicated lawyer who will protect his clients with everything he has. Easy to work with and get ahold of. I highly recommend him, wouldn’t use anyone else.

    Craig Geyer

    My name is Leah. I had the privilege of working with Dino and the firm. They worked very hard to help me and my family. We are grateful for all that they have done for our family. I would recommend him and the firm at any time and anything that your family would need help with. Thank you for all you have done to help us.

    Leah Feldman

    I highly recommend Dino Privitera for personal injury cases. He did a great job for me and got an excellent result. He is not only a great lawyer, but a great person. I would not use anyone else.

    Celina Garcia

    Simply that Dino Privitera is one of the BEST in the business. You’re the best at what you do and a pleasure to work with!

    Lenny Stebulis

    Dino handled a fairly small matter for a friend of mine. He treated it like it was as important as any of his bigger cases and got an excellent result. I highly recommend him for important matters.

    Joseph Lukens, Esq.

    I highly recommend Dino Privitera for anyone who needs a personal injury attorney. I’ve known him personally and professionally for almost 30 years and can think of no other lawyer I would want in my corner. His diligence, tenacity, and unique style make him fully able to battle the large corporations and insurance companies. His ethical standards are impeccable and he treats clients like members of his own family.

    Daniel Moraglia, Esq.

    Simply one of the good guys.

    Katie Kelliher Welch, Esq.

    Dino is a dedicated attorney father and friend. Trustworthy and confident. Glad knowing this handsome man!

    Linda Shikitino