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Your Right to Safety

You have every right to expect that you will be safe and secure when you are invited onto a business property.

When you have suffered injury because of the criminal conduct of another, in addition to the perpetrator who committed the crime, your injury also may have been caused by the negligent security on part of the property owner.

Sadly, there have been thousands of cases involving people who have been murdered, raped, assaulted, robbed and victimized at hotels, bars, schools, casinos, hospitals, apartment complexes or parking garages because a property owner had failed to provide adequate security to patrons invited onto his or her property.

The law imposes a clear-cut duty on the part of property owners to protect third parties from crime under certain circumstances.

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    When criminal harm is reasonably foreseeable and could have been prevented with effective security measures, a property owner may be held accountable even though the injuries were caused by third party perpetrators. When you have been victimized and injured by the criminal act of a third-party, you may have a basis to sue and recover damages for your injuries and losses against the property owner who inadequately secured the premises.

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